Fathers’ Involvement in Childcare Project. 
Spanish Ministry of Economy 
PI: Lluís Flaquer

The goal of this project is to increase our knowledge of father involvement in the care of children, of factors that may facilitate or hinder its development and of its contribution to the process of family transformation not only in terms of the improvement of gender equity but also of that of child wellbeing.

The project aims at deepening our understanding of processes of emerging new fathering models in connection with a greater participation of fathers in the household, their increased daily interaction with children and their growing share of care responsibilities. Apart from the study of concrete practices of father involvement, we are also interested in inquiring into the impact of public policy, in particular family policy, on the institutionalization as well as on the social and cultural construction of new models of fatherhood and into the analysis of demands from political actors and other stakeholders keen to promote certain legal and policy reforms aiming at supporting a greater father involvement within families. In this sense, the project will focus on the effects from the implementation of certain recent political or legislative measures such as the take-up of paternity leave or the use of shared custody in post- divorce families.

The methodological design is multi-strategic in character and is based on the articulation of quatitative and qualitative methods. To this end a multi-level comparative analysis on the influence of the national and institutional context on father involvement by means of time use surveys will be undertaken, on the one hand, and, on the other, the project will draw on data collected from focus groups made up of fathers, mothers and teenagers and on interviews to experts and civic action groups for gender equality in order to understand better the taking of greater responsibility from fathers in the care of children, its relation to child well-being and the social and political construction of new fathering models.

Members: Anna Garriga, Almudena Moreno, Xiaoteng Hu, Sergio Porcel, Lara Navarro, Marc Barbeta, Tomás Cano, Lluís Flaquer. 
Period:  2014 - 2016. 
Main institution: Autonomous University of Barcelona.