Newspapers Interviews 

The Economist: “Working class parents are becoming more like middle-class ones”
Open University of Barcelona: “The gap between men and women, when it comes to childcare, is growing smaller”,
Ara: “Fathers today look at their partners for reference” [printed | online - in Catalan]
Equal Times: “Time has lost its value - how can we get it back?”  [English  |  Spanish  |  French]
Ara Criatures: “The end of toxic masculity” (in Catalan).

Radio Interviews

Catalunya Radio

Op-Eds Separados al nacer: El experimento prohibito y la controversia genética-ambiente” [Switched at birth: The forbidden experiment and the gen-enviroment controversy] . 

Research Briefs 

The “Social Observatory” of La Caixa Foundation:  Do fathers spend more time with their children than they used to? Changes in parental care dynamics

Media Coverage 

Research on “The Socio-Economic Consequences of the COVID pandemic” Research on “Divorce and Time Investments” 
The Irish Times 

Research on “Father Time and Child Outcomes”
Herald Sun 
Sunday Mail 
Child Trends
La Vanguardia 
Child and Family Blog 
UPF Comunicació 
Bio-Tech Spain 
Brisbane Times 
Grattan Institute 
and others. 

Research on “New Models of Fatherhood”  
Huffington Post 
ABC (i)
ABC (ii)
La Vanguardia (i)
La Vanguardia (ii)
Catalunya Radio
El Periodico (i)
El Periódico (ii)
Europa Press
Televisa México
UAB Divulga
and others.  
Also, ChildTrends made a video about it. 

Research on “Time and Inequality”
La Vanguardia

Research on “Gender, Social Class and Family Strategies in Elderly Care” :

Research on “Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty” 
El País,
La Sexta,,
and  others