I welcome bachelor, master or PhD students to work with me on the following topics:

  • Family dynamics and demographic change (marriage, divorce) and its links to social inequalities and child development.
  • Parenting: new roles of fathers, intensive mothering ideologies, time-use, parenting styles. 
  • Child development: cognitive and non-cognitive skills formation. 
  • Gender: unequal divisions of unpaid work, women’s career development, fatherhood premiums
  • Education: compensatory mechanisms of adverse life course events, reproduction theory.
  • Methods: time-use, longitudinal data, causal inference. 

I mainly work with large scale longitudinal and cross-sectional comparative datasets. In addition, I have extensive experience using ethnography and qualitative methods and I am also open to supervise works in that line. 

In case you are interested, just contact me

Open position in my faculty to work with me: see here. 

Here you can download our internal form for supervision.