Research questions 

The types of research questions that guide my past and current research are wide, for example: 

- Why do lower-class children lag behind in development or school performance? 
- Why do fathers spend less time in unpaid work?
- How do critical life events (e.g., divorce, unemployment) affect families? 
- How do macro-economic shocks (e.g., Great Recession, Covid) affect class and gender inequalities?
- What kind of strategies do upper-class families put into practice to reproduce their advantage? 

Currently, I am working on the following studies:

            Under Review

  • The Role of  Parental Practices and Emotions in the Social Reproduction of Inequality 
Under Review 

            Under Review 

  • The Intergenerational Transmission of Gender Roles  (with H. Hofmeister)
            Under Review 

  • Dynamics of Income Mobility and Child Development in Context: An Analysis of United States and Germany  (with Michael Kuhhirt). 
            In progress

  • Book on Sequence Analysis (with S. Vidal). 
            In progress 

In case you are interested in any of the these projects, I will be happy to send you a draft, just shoot me an e-mail (

Recently completed funded projects:

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