Studies in progress 

  • Family Structure and Concerns during the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Computanial, Mixed-Method Approach (w/ C. Czymara & A.  Langenkamp)
            Under Review

  • The Role of  Parental Practices and Emotions in the Social Reproduction of Inequality 

            Under Review 

  • The Intergenerational Transmission of Gender Roles  (with H. Hofmeister)

  • Dynamics of Income Mobility and Child Development in United States  (with Michael Kuhhirt). 
            In progress

In case you are interested in any of the these papers, I will be happy to send you a draft, just shoot me an e-mail (

Ongoing Research Projects 

  • Intergenerational Transmission of Work-Family Trajectories in Germany. Funding agency: German Research Foundation (DFG).  PI: Heather Hofmeister  (Goethe University of Frankfurt). Funding: 172,776€
            Final review phase 

  • Socio-economic inequalities in family behaviour and wellbeing: The role of economic security, role compatibility and gender relations. Funding agency: Spanish Ministry of Science. PI: Pau Baizán  (Pompeu Fabra University). Requested Funds: 143.296€
              Under review 

  • The consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic over social inequality. Funding agency: Australian Research Council. PI: Francisco Perales (University of Queensland). 
               Under review

Recently Completed Projects 

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