Full courses: 

***Information regarding Covid-19 and classes during summer semester 2020***
- We are currently adapting the courses for this special semester. 
- All classes will be online. 
- First classes are on the week of 20th of April. 
- Please check this space regularly for updated information. Below you can find the syllabuses.
- If you have any doubts, contact me 

Summer Semester 2020:     Goethe University of Frankfurt
  • Changing Nature of Work: Social Inequality and Skills Development (syllabus // exam)
  • Work-Family Policies in Comparative Perspective (syllabus // exam)

Other full courses offered in the past: 
  • Sociology of Family and Work. 
  • The Social Stratification of Time. 

Here you can see my teaching evaluations. 


2018:     Pompeu Fabra University 
  •  Marriage, Relationships and Family Dynamics (3hrs.) 

2018:     University of Barcelona 
  • Research design  (3hrs.) 

2012 – 2013:     Complutense University of Madrid (6hrs):

Teaching assistant: 

2014 – 2017:     Autonomous University of Barcelona (180hrs.)